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photo gallery

The postcard party that started it all.

An early service project, for GRACE.

Registering our neighbors to vote!


Ice-storm impeachment rally on the Summit Village Green.

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More voter registration letters!

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In partnership with Summit Area Indivisible, we raised $6,000+ for the NAACP via a lawn sign initiative. 
(art by Debra Trisler)

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The Tweet heard 'round the country!

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Our pandemic aid project, later to become SHIELD of Summit.

20,000+ voter registration letters heading to battleground states in Oct. 2020.

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Hundreds of mourners attended SMO's RBG Vigil, where the Mourner's Kaddish was recited on the Village Green for the first time in city history.

RBG vigil photo 1.jpg

SMO participated in the Biden Presidential Inaugural Committee's Day of Service to raise $3,100 and collect several thousand pads and tampons for 28 Days Project.

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We raised money for pro-choice candidates via t-shirts featuring artist Yolanda Fundora's striking RBG portrait.

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SMO co-sponsored an outdoor screening and panel discussion of John Lewis: Good Trouble.

SMO partnered with the Junior League of Summit to found the Summit Volunteer Hub on Facebook, connecting local charities with volunteers and donors.

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