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Judi Knott: CD-7 Redistricting Testimony

Members of the Redistricting Commission,

First, I’d like to thank you for your service on this important commission.

My name is Judi Knott and I am from Summit, New Jersey. I grew up on Long Island in a small town called St. James. I have had a long interest in democracy, having been a political science major at SUNY Albany. I was raised Roman Catholic and I am godmother to three amazing nieces. I am a volunteer with SHIELD, a service which shopped for seniors during the height of the COVID epidemic, and I continue to shop for a couple who live in Senior Housing in Summit. I am a member of Summit Marches On and Summit Area Indivisible where I have volunteered my time combatting voter disengagement and voter suppression through postcard efforts, phone banking, and canvassing. I am also a marketing professional with over 30 years of marketing experience, primarily in the publishing industry.

In the 22 plus years that we have lived in Summit, NJ, we have seen a growing shift in the diversity of our community. We have seen Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/South Asian, and LGBTQ persons move to Summit. We are a mix of many different cultures and faiths. These growing numbers of individuals and families represent a shift in demographics that cannot and should not be denied. To ignore these constituents would be doing a disservice to our community and would marginalize a growing number of citizens who need representation.

Our district is already competitive. We are advocating for keeping our district intact and allowing us to compete fairly.

I am asking that you take into consideration our shared values before making any redistricting decisions, and before redrawing this district.

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