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Live Petitions

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Past Petitions

NO Gerrymandering CD-7!

The NJ Redistricting Commission will be redrawing our Congressional maps by the end of the year. Help give Congressman Malinowski a fighting chance by asking for a fair map.

View the petition by clicking HERE

Asking Sen. Tom Kean, Jr. to Respect Our First Amendment Rights!

Tom Kean, Jr.'s staff was deleting constituent comments that expressed disagreement with him, which is in direct violation of our First Amendment rights. We had to petition him to stop.

View the petition by clicking HERE

Save the Federal Programs that Deliver After-School Food Aid to Low-Income Kids! 

The Trump Administration wanted to completely eliminate federal programs that deliver after-school and summer food aid to low-income children because it claimed that there is "no demonstrable evidence" that this aid improves school performance. We garnered nearly 40,000 signatures to ask them to help, not hinder, the most at-risk and vulnerable among us.

View the petition by clicking HERE

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