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We Need Your Support To Continue Our Efforts!

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In coordination with Defenders of Democracy Against Disinformation and other grassroots groups in many states, Summit Marches On is co-sponsoring Jan. 6 Call to Action: Marking the Anniversary, Fighting the Lies. 


This Jan. 6, 2022 Zoom will begin at 7 pm ET (the time, in 2021, when Facebook finally closed the former president’s account) and close at 8 pm ET (the time when Capitol Police declared the building secure).


We will start with a keynote video address by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who capably and passionately led the House impeachment trial that resulted from the attack. 


BecauseFox News was and continues to be a major purveyor of the lies about a stolen election that led to the attack, breakout sessionswill train you on everyday actions you can take to reduce Fox News’ normalization and revenue.  


Want to attend? Send us an email at or visit our private Facebook group to register.


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