Summit Marches On was formed around a kitchen table by a group of concerned Summit women just after the 2017 Women's March on Washington, D.C. following the election of Donald J. Trump. ​

Our goal: encourage local residents, many who had never paid much attention to politics before, to come off the sidelines and use their voices to effect change in ways that were meaningful to them and impactful to the community as a whole. We aimed to demonstrate that political activism is available to everyone: most of our efforts take no more than 15 minutes or 15 dollars.


Since that January day, we've hosted dozens of postcard and letter-writing "parties" where we implored our legislators to listen and act, registered thousands of voters, and encouraged tens of thousands of people to get out and vote. We've run fundraising and donation drives to help neighbors and the larger community. We've sponsored educational events with impactful speakers. We've raised money for and awareness of voter expansion efforts. We've organized several large protests and rallies, including an ice-storm impeachment rally and a candlelight vigil in memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, each attended by hundreds of members of the community. We've testified for gun safety and against gerrymandering. We've written letters to the editor. We've dipped our toes in local elections, too, spending much of 2021 beating back Republican fear-mongering and lies and helping to ensure a Democratic sweep of every contested seat in Summit. And we've continued to MARCH.


Five years later, we've grown to nearly 900 members strong. While there's been much progress during that time, our democracy continues to hang in the balance. Unfortunately, the cult of Trump got a taste of unfettered power, and they are not done with our country yet. 


These are the days that require every single one of us to stay informed, work together, and fight for the future we know is possible. 

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Meet the Leadership Team

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From Left:

Amanda Greenblatt, Board Member

Tracy Keegan, Co-Founder

Lacey Rzeszowski, Co-Founder

Terri Tauber, Treasurer

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